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"Leather" Uses extra-thick oil steerhide leather from the United States with a thickness of about 5 mm to 8 mm.

After the leather is finished with tannin tanning,

I fully include oil and have both water repellency and waterproofness.


The edge surface of the side is carefully polished one by one by skilled craftsmen.

The more you use it, the more lustrous it becomes, and you can enjoy the finest aging.


"Shape" A unique shape that is cut in a curve from the beginning to match the shape of the waist.

It fits comfortably on the waist from the time of initial installation. You can experience the wild wearing comfort even more.


"Buckle" Suitable for extra-thick steerhide leather,

Equipped with an oversized brass buckle with a size of about 60 x 90 mm.


A powerful Samurai original buckle made with old-fashioned casting processing by craftsmen in Osaka.


It has a warm curve peculiar to casting, which is not found in mass production die casting.

Finished with a buckle that has a unique atmosphere.


The mounting part is a screw type screw specification that can be replaced.


US steerhide original brass buckle

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