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Samurai Jeans was established in Osaka in 1998 based on the concept that jeans ultimately have no value unless the creator and wearer are united in their commitment. We strive to create fabrics with unique texture and atmosphere, pushing the envelope of what is possible with denim by paying close attention to the provenance of the cotton types we use, their characteristics, the shape of the threads we spin, while also striving to use traditional Japanese dyeing and weaving techniques rather than the more modern and generic methods found elsewhere.


In recent years, we have been tackling the enormous challenge of reviving and growing an ancient strain of cotton in Sasayama city, Hyogo prefecture, with the aim of producing high-quality clothing that is “100% Made in Japan” from seed to fabric to finished garment. With the generous help of the local community, this dream is becoming a reality, and since 2020 we have been releasing denim and cut-and-sew items that contain a percentage of our own hand-harvested, local organic cotton. Although this is by no means an easy project, we are committed to forging ahead without compromise, and we will pass these lost techniques on to future generations while also continuing in the invigoration of the area itself. In this we will not waver.

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