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The fabric is T/C 20/10 twill. It is wrinkle-resistant and has excellent quick-drying properties.

You can enjoy each expression when it becomes softer with aging.

The specifications are fold back sewing specifications on the back of the waist that allows the waist to be finely adjusted (approximately 1 inch waist extension).

A diamond gusset has been added to the crotch for ease of wear and a wider operating rate.

Only the belt loop on the right front of the front body is narrowed,

It makes it easy to attach a wallet chain or pocket watch hook. There is also a watch pocket on the right front.

The bottom of the pocket bag is double layered with slake for durability.

The top button part is a hook specification so as not to scratch it.

It has a slightly slim silhouette that is easy to wear.


T/C twill fabric (E-65%/C-35%), universal fastener

Label/name for Samurai WORK CLOTHES

​One wash, made in Japan

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