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Hemming Services & Repairing Services

2-5-5 Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka 531-0071

Phone: 06-6371-3601

​About hemming

If you would like to have the hem hemmed by mail, please follow the steps below.

1: Please wash thoroughly and remove the glue.

2: Fold one leg to the desired length and fix it with a pin or the like. (*1)

3: Customer's name, address, contact information, jeans model name

  Please enclose a memo with your size and request for hemming.

*1: Please make sure that anyone can see it.

*2: The customer is responsible for the return shipping fee.


〒531-0071 Address: 2-5-5 Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka "Samurai Jeans Hemming Section"

Phone: 06-6371-3601

After completing the hemming, the shipping fee (*3) and the hemming fee of ¥ 1,000 (*4) will be added together.

I will ship cash on delivery.

*3: Domestic uniform ¥1,500

*4: When purchased at Samurai directly managed stores and Samurai Net mail order

  Free for the first time only.


Fabric ​・Product characteristics

Our fabrics are made with old-fashioned looms and have an old-fashioned texture.

Washing and drying will cause unique shrinkage and twisting.

Therefore, we ask that hemming should be done after washing and drying.

Especially because it is produced by an old-fashioned process that cherishes the old-fashioned texture

There may be uneven dyeing and uneven weaving, but it does not interfere with wearing.

There may be some irregularities in sewing, but it is not made uniformly by machine, etc.

Each piece is carefully made by hand, so we hope you will enjoy it as a piece of individuality.

When using the dryer for the first wash, the shrinkage rate is more than normal.

Since there is a possibility that a large shrinkage may occur,

When using it, please use it after carefully considering the type and time of the dryer.

The color will fade when washed, so please wash separately from other laundry.

​We recommend using detergents that do not contain bleach or fluorescent agents.


​How to wash samurai jeans

"About First Wash"

The main purpose of this first wash is to remove glue, so to speak.

It also means "to control shrinkage".


When you purchase it, it is already glued, so it is "stiff".
Instead of wearing it in this state, first wash it with water to remove the glue to make it easier to adapt to your skin.

It has the effect of reducing the degree of unevenness in color fading.

Also, since it is rigid (raw) when purchased, unique twists and shrinkage will occur when the glue is removed.

  1. Soak the jeans in warm water first, then turn them inside out.

  2. To prevent air from remaining inside the jeans, press down firmly to release the air, and then leave it alone.
    Even if your jeans are slightly above the water surface, you don't need to be nervous if you do the air removal mentioned above.
    A soaking time of 1-2 hours is sufficient. A day or night is best at most.

  3. When the dye runs out and the color changes, take it out of the water, drain it roughly, and wash it in a washing machine with a strong water flow.
    Of course, hand washing is also OK. Detergent is not necessary for the first wash, but please use detergent that does not contain fluorescent agents or bleach. Our “Thunder Soap” is additive-free soap, so you can use it with confidence.
    *Because ultra-heavy ounce denim is very hard, please knead it thoroughly before putting it in the washing machine so that it does not turn around in a hardened state.

  4. Rinse thoroughly.

  5. After washing, do a strong dehydration for a short time.

  6. After dehydration is complete, remove wrinkles and dry inside out in the shade.

  7. We don't recommend it for samurai jeans, but if you put it in the dryer, please consider the type and time before using.
    Excessive application may cause the fabric to shrink too much or become extremely soft, so please be careful.


I would appreciate it if you could read the above method as a general example only.
Some people use a fully automatic washing machine for the entire process, while others wear their clothes as they are without washing.
I think it's a good idea to find your own way to wash your jeans in order to grow them in the ideal way.
By continuing to wear and love our jeans for a long time, we hope that you will develop samurai jeans that suit your body and use them for many years to come.


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