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Samurai Automobile Club 410 double knee work pants.


The fabric uses 17oz special Zara Selvedge Denim, which is representative of Samurai Jeans original denim.


Using hard texture No. 5 uneven yarn, it is woven with low tension using an old-fashioned power loom,

Although it is a heavy ounce, it has a strong rough feel, and you can enjoy the light and dark spots and the feeling of hitting.

Jidosha Club tire buttons, Rising Sun name labels, and pockets are made of parts pattern sleek.

Sewing mainly uses two colors, yellow and gold brown, and is adjusted according to the characteristics of each part, such as count, needle movement, and stitch width.

It is designed with a sharpness, and it is like work pants, such as triple stitching.

It has powerful specifications.


The double knee part has a diamond stitch of the same color as the fabric,

The stitch type stands out by discoloring.


The silhouette is slightly slim and easy to wear as work pants.


17oz special zara selvedge denim, iron tire button, parts pattern sleek

​ Automobile Club Nissho Label/Copper Samurai Rivet/One Washed/Made in Japan

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