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Classic heavy chino pants made from original sulfur dyed selvedge chino.

The thick 6th thread, which is not usually found in chino, is dyed in khaki with a sulfur dye,

It is a gem of selvedge chino fabric that is firmly woven with an old-fashioned power loom.

Because it is dyed with sulfur dye, you can enjoy the color fading and feeling of wear over time.

The silhouette is slim and the rise is shallow, making it easy to wear.

On the back, we used the familiar family crest pattern sleek in the blade model, considering the compatibility with the heavy fabric.

It has a tuck button specification and uses a pine tree button.


In addition, the guarantee ticket and upper label are specifications unique to chino pants.

*Because the fabric is sulfide dyed, there may be a certain amount of wear and color fading even in a one-wash condition.

Please understand this as the "taste" of this product.


15oz sword edge sulfide dyed selvedge heavy chino, family crest pattern sleek, iron Matsunoki button

Samurai Guarantee Ticket ・Samurai Upper Name ・One Washed ・Made in Japan

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