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Pushing the boundaries of

Japanese Denim

Samurai Jeans hasn't traditionally released collaborative products with other 

brands, but the time has come where we want to convey and show the world all

that is good about Samurai Jeans denim.

for us... we also want to expand and explore all possibilities and potentialities for

Japanese denim itself and the culture that surrounds it.



About This Project

Nestled in the center of Osaka, Amerika-mura (American Village) was absolutely booming with the latest in music and fashion culture in the 1990s. It was here that Samurai jeans was born, in a little vintage clothing shop, right in the middle of this booming epicenter of creativity.


With an unwavering belief in creating things that nobody else can, we have of course made many mistakes, overcome countless failures, and continuously test and modify our products to make them even better. Cooperating with our shuttle loom denim factories, we have been able to create and release many different fabrics, starting from a relatively heavy 15oz (which was unprecedented at the time), and working our way up to our currently-produced 25oz fabric. It's been over 20 years since our beginning, and our stiff and rough fabrics have been well-received all over the world, now being sold in over 20 countries. And yet we still feel that we have more to do in order to truly convey the full beauty and power of Samurai denim to the world.


Toughness is often seen as the essence of

denim; but to be truly tough is to be

utterly uncompromising.

beyond the physical toughness of the


the spirit of its production, and the

unwavering ethos of the craftsmen who

make it.


Pushing the boundaries of denim with premium brands from

around the world

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