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It is a tight tapered model of the Zero 17oz series.

The rise is shallow, tight from the waist to the thigh, and a tight tapered silhouette that narrows down to the hem.


The denim fabric uses "17oz Bushido Selvage".

Using No. 5 uneven yarn with a hard texture,Woven with low tension using an old-fashioned power loom,

Although it is a heavy ounce, it has a strong rough feel, and you can enjoy the light and dark spots and the feeling of hitting.

The exclusive leather patch has a crescent moon design that represents Kojiro Musashi's "zero" state when he holds his sword.

In addition, dedicated flasher, iron Matsunoki button, copper coin-shaped rivet,

SAMURAI woven label, Shogyo Mujo jacquard sleek specifications.

Sewing mainly uses two colors, original yellow and gold brown,

The count, needle movement, stitch width, etc. are adjusted according to the characteristics of each part to give it a sharp look.


The back pocket is designed with the image of a seagull flapping its wings.

Kagemusha stitch specification with dark blue thread. A stitch pattern appears due to color fading over time.


17oz Bushido selvedge denim, Shogyo Mujou sleek, iron Matsunoki button, copper coin rivet

Dedicated leather patch, flasher, SAMURAI woven label, shallow rise tight tapered,One wash finished, made in Japan

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