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19oz slim straight model.

It has a moderate tapered feel, and the rise is not too shallow and the waist is not too thin,

It has an easy-to-wear silhouette that can be worn by anyone.

Denim fabric adopts "19oz sword ear selvage".


Denim that uses an old-fashioned power loom to drive the uneven yarn of warp 5 weft 4 to the limit,

It has the hardest texture among samurai original denim, and creates a strong feeling of bite..

The special leather patch is designed by Kojiro Musashi, which is a half-moon, which is thinner than the regular model, and a large one, which is 19oz.


In addition, dedicated flasher, iron sunrise button, copper coin-shaped rivet,

SAMURAI woven label, Shogyo Mujo jacquard sleek specifications.

Sewing mainly uses two colors, the original yellow and gold brown, and the count, needle movement, stitch width, etc.

The specifications are adjusted according to the characteristics of each part and have a sharpness.


The back pocket is designed with the image of a seagull flapping its wings.

Kagemusha stitch specification with dark blue thread. A stitch pattern appears due to color fading over time.


19oz Katami Selvage Denim / Shogyo Mujou Sleek / Iron Sunrise Button / Copper Coin Rivet

Dedicated leather patch, flasher, SAMURAI woven label, slim straight, one washed, made in Japan

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