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War type denim jacket by 17oz bushido selvage.

The denim fabric uses "17oz Bushido Selvage". Using No. 5 uneven yarn with a hard texture,

It is woven with low tension using an old-fashioned power loom, and although it is heavy ounce, it has a strong rough feel.

You can enjoy the shading and the feeling of hitting.

The design has no pocket flaps and a cinch belt on the waist.


The buckle is made of custom-made iron, and the pocket is covered with Shogyo Mujou Sleek.

Specifications include iron Matsunoki buttons and copper coin-shaped rivets. While reproducing the simple specifications unique to the war,

Finished with samurai-like details.


A rugged silhouette with a vintage feel. It is a feeling of slightly tight size.


Iron pine tree button, copper coin-shaped rivet, Shogyo Mujou sleek

​ Dedicated leather patch, one washed, made in Japan

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