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It is the first type denim jacket by chivalrous 15oz Katami selvage.

Denim fabric adopts "chivalrous spirit 15oz sword ear selvage". Using unevenness No. 6 containing fallen cotton,

Denim that has been worked to the limit allows you to enjoy a sharp vertical fall with sharpness even though it has a rough look.

One-pocket design with a cinch belt on the waist. The buckle is made of bespoke iron,

Shogyo Mujou sleek is applied in the pocket. Specifications include an iron sunrise button and copper coin-shaped rivets.


It has a rugged silhouette with a vintage feel unique to the first type.

It is a feeling of slightly tight size.


Iron sunrise button, copper coin-shaped rivet, Shogyo Mujou sleek,iron buckle

Dedicated leather patch, one-washed, made in Japan

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