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It is a 21oz slim straight model of the "Yamato" series.

The rise is shallow, and it has a sharp slim straight silhouette from the waist to the hem.

Denim fabric adopts "strongest 21oz special selvage".


3. We made a special thick uneven thread of No. 6 and put it to the limit with an old-fashioned power loom,

This is the ultimate heavy ounce denim that is not only thick but also has color fading and texture.

The special leather patch is branded with beef tanned leather and has a design that depicts the beautiful scenery of Japan.


In addition, a special flasher, decorative stitching "Inheritance to future generations", rayon label "Phoenix"

Specifications include original silver thread, pure silver-plated cherry blossom buttons, cherry blossom rivets, and indigo jacquard sleek.

We mainly use gold brown for sewing, and adjust it according to the characteristics of each part, such as count, needle movement, and stitch width.

It is designed with a sharpness.


In addition, the original silver thread is used for locks and bobbin threads, and the winding seams and pocket openings are triple-stitched.

The details unique to the Yamato model, such as the use of black thread in the middle, are also attractive.


Strongest 21oz selvage denim, Japanese indigo jacquard sleek, Japanese cherry blossom buttons made of pure silver-plated iron

Pure silver-plated Japanese cherry blossom rivet, special leather patch, flasher, Japanese phoenix name, slim straight, one-washed, made in Japan

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