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April Truth Contest

Can you imagine your own checked pattern made into a real Samurai flannel shirt? What started as an April Fool's joke will now become a reality.

The rules are simple: just create and submit a checked pattern you've made yourself, using whatever computer or online tools you want - even hand-drawn is totally okay.


April Truth Flannel Contest 

we were totally blown away by the number of quality patterns we received! It was tough to pare it down to 10 finalists, but we put our heads together and selected 10 that we liked and felt could actually be made into a commercial Samurai flannel. One of these 10 patterns will be chosen to be made into a commercial product.

After a careful tally, the winning pattern that above the others is ..



Thank you very much to everyone who applied and voted!


*Scheduled general release date of the chosen flannel shirt: December 2023

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